Saturday, February 23, 2019

Hiring an experienced professional.

   Most people do not know the real weight of the decision of who you hire for horse drawn carriage service for your special day or event is, or... how important that choice is for a positive and safe experience. Here we will share with you some tips and wisdom from over 35 years in the industry that will hopefully guide you in your quest.

   Incredibly, there are no federal or state requirements one must meet to offer most horse drawn carriage services to the public. What this in turn means is that any person who decides they are going to hang their hat out as a "professional" carriage service can simply do so regardless of a total lack of professional commercial experience in the field. What is very scary is that it happens all the time. All it takes is enough money to purchase the equipment and a whole lot of arrogance.

   However..if ever there were a profession where a lack of qualified experience and proper training is critical, and one where naivety and/or arrogance is dangerously inappropriate, it is horse drawn carriage service. While strides are being made towards requiring a professional certification process until then you are on your own and probably guessing. Worse yet... you are very likely not getting the truth from those who would engage in such risky nonsense.

  So...what can you do? The first thing you should do is ask for proof of liability insurance and if/when you get that call and make sure it is current and in force. Those that cut corners are usually  cutting them in lots of places. So check.

  Ask them how long they have been in business. To verify that answer go to your states Secretary of State page and search for the name of the business entity you are communicating with.
You can check in Arkansas here:
 Here you will not only find out if the outfit you are considering is a legal business in good standing with your state, if you click on the entry you will also get an idea of how long they have been in business, or... if they have dissolved several times and re-opened which is not a good sign.

  Lastly if you still have questions call us! We are happy to help guide you through the process regardless of what area or state you live in. We are delighted to educate you about what you should and should not expect from a carriage service, as well as learning to recognize what safe operations look like, how they are executed, what they do, and should never do.

We have operated safely since 1984 without a single claim, and want nothing more than for everyone to have a positive horse drawn carriage experience. So if you are a private individual, venue owner, or municipality we have resources available that you can easily access that we are happy to share. Just ask!

Rest assured that even under the current lack of requirements with a little homework you can insure you are getting a highly qualified, and truly experienced professional to service your horse and carriage needs.

We hope you found this information both useful and helpful.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

It's that time of year again.

The Christmas Season is upon us and nothing quite gets you in the spirit of the season than a carriage ride. While we don't go "over the river and through the woods" or able to provide a sleigh in Arkansas ( average 4 inches of snow a year) We can and do offer jingle bells and can even play Christmas music on our carriages.

We do many different types of Christmas celebrations. Pictured is a local nursing home that hires us for rides for the residents. We come every year and its always a blast. We also do early morning school and daycare rides for kids of all ages, Private Christmas parties, Corporate Christmas events, Rides for towns, Christmas parades, Even Christmas dinners, dances, and balls.

Please consider us when you plan the seasons festivities. You will enjoy a first rate service with top notch turn out and the very best safety practices in the industry. We have many 5 star reviews and been in the carriage ride industry since 1984 without a single incident. So...relax and enjoy! We take great pride in our punctuality, beautifully turned out, and safety minded services. We are the carriage provider of choice for discriminating and safety minded customers.

See us on the web at:
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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Our Carriages

The Cinderella

Like all our carriages our Cinderellas are all American made top of the line customs. Seating 6 large adults comfortably the Cinderella's are popular for many different kinds of events. Weddings, birthday parties, proms, party's and corporate functions we have two of these carriages available for you.

The Fringe Top Royal Wagonette

The Fringe Top Royal Wagonette is pulled by two spectacular draft horses. Designed to match the Cinderella its a cute way to deliver all the bridesmaids and groomsmen at once. Its also a great carriage for Christmas caroling through your neighborhoods. Seating 12-16 passengers according to size this beauty is perfect for large groups too!  

The Disney Princess

A unique carriage designed by Disney artists for a production of Cinderella in Tokyo Japan. Only a very few of these carriages worldwide. A combination of classic Victorian style with a flair for the fancy in the details. This carriage will seat 3 large adults or 2 adults and 2 small children. It also looks great in the bejeweled red velvet pieces that match our white horses costume for the Baraat. 

The Rustic Fringe Top Wagonette

Perfect for those country themed events this carriage fits the bill. The carriage has a burgundy frame with natural oak body and wheels. Its brand new upholstery was made to match using the same color scheme. Oak colored fabric with burgundy buttons and a fringe top adds to its charm. This carriage seats 8-10 and so will carry a bride and her escort, 6 brides maids and a child flower girl and ring bearer all in one trip. Its also a nice carriage for festivals and other western themed events. Your driver can be attired in formal western wear or top hat and tuxedo style as shown.  

Friday, July 21, 2017

A Castle in Greenbrier, Ar

   Some of you probably don't know this but there is a Castle in Greenbrier Arkansas where your "carriage awaits" A stunning place both inside and out owner Linda Harmon recently opened The Castle in March of this year. The inside can accommodate up to 1000 people and the outer 600 acres, well...the sky is the limit.

    A true professional Linda is both sweet and motivated. We have provided the carriage service for both the grand opening and a little girls Princess Ball both of which were huge successes. Linda is offering The Castle for all kinds of events. Weddings are a specialty as is corporate, high school proms, Quinceaneras, Dances, and just about anything you can think of.

  One of our carriages is the perfect compliment to an event at The Castle, and we offer several types to choose from. Pictured above is one of our custom Cinderella carriages. We can also accommodate both small and large groups according to your needs.

  If you have an up and coming event make sure to check out The Castle in Greenbrier and consider having a carriage or two as a perfect compliment to a magical place.


Sunday, June 11, 2017

A New Offering

  Above pictured is our new Rustic Surrey Top Wagonette. This carriage will hold eight passengers and is perfect for those rustic barn weddings that are so popular these days. If you like the idea of delivering the bridesmaids along with the bride to the ceremony this carriage works really well. Have the groomsmen waiting at the ceremony site and help each girl down out of the carriage for a really cute picture of each couple. Then Dad helps the bride down last as the main attraction.

  A bit of a deviation from our usual Princess themed services but who says you can't be a country Princess? This beautiful bride wore her cowboy boots under her wedding dress! We added custom decorations in barn red with burlap bows and rafia for the perfect country feel. Add a Clydesdale or one of our palomino colored draft horses and the look is complete.

  Our goal has always been to offer our clients choices. From fairy-tale to traditional we have something for everyone. We are also one of the most experienced special event commercial carriage service's in much of the US. We offer you a perfect safety record and have had for over 30 years. Its your special day so make sure to hire the best, you wont regret it.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Keeping up with CONA

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people sitting, hat, table and indoor

  We just got back from our annual convention with the Carriage Operators of North America. This years convention was held in San Antonio, Tx. The photo was taken on our riverboat ride and dinner. As you can see everyone is all smiles and having a great time! 
   CONA is an organization that supports the horse drawn carriage industry. The group keeps us up to date on marketing options, helpful tips, and lots of face to face networking with our peers allowing us to share information. Education is a major key to a top quality carriage operation and CONA members are dedicated to stay educated about this industry that we all love.

  Having been a member for a good number of years now we naturally have formed many friendships from other companies from all around the US. Its always so much fun to see our old friends and sometimes meet new ones too! We had a great time! and are looking forward to next years convention!


Thursday, August 25, 2016

When the "best" price isn't always the best thing.

We have all heard "you get what you pay for" and all the other similar cliches when it comes to purchasing a good or service. We have all also privately desired to obtain that good or service at the lowest price possible.

This is being a "smart" or "savvy" shopper. Right? Well...not always. You see some business's have very little "wiggle" room and some none at all. Commercial carriage is a good example.

Very few if any that remain in the business for long are doing it because it is highly profitiable. It's just a business where that simply isn't possible. Its a high cost/low return business, and there is no way around that. Its a labor of love not fat bank accounts.

Which is why I caution you against hiring the "cheapest" carriage service in your area. You just can't provide feed, vet, farrier, hay, grooming supplies, dental care, etc for carriage horses and at the same time play cut rate with the prices you charge.

You just can't. See...not too many businesses have employees that are on room/board/meals & full medical 365 days a year for very part time employment. Not only that its usually not just one of those employees its usually two per carriage operated. You know...just in case one is sick, lame, or can't work for whatever reason. 

So...its more of a "THEY get what you pay for" and I mean that quite literally. The horses are the "they"and the price you pay directly affects the quality of the care they get. Its the difference between a company that can afford to call the vet when needed, and one that put's up a Go Fund Me page in hopes that a sympathetic public might pay that bill for them. (usually not) 

Also worth noting is when you look you will notice that the "bargain bin" carriage services are cutting lots of corners. Look at the first photo of a horses obviously wearing tack that does not fit and undoubtably belongs to one of their far larger horses. Or the second photo that clearly depicts that it can be third world bad for the horse belonging to the outfit that is operating on a razors edge. Compare them to the last photo of a proper first class turn out. 

I hope you keep this in mind when you are shopping for a carriage service. If the ones that charge the most seem to look the best there are good reasons behind that. When live animals are part of the equation the cheapest around is never the best choice. Paying a fair market price for an any animal industry endevor insures fair treament of the animals. So please...when it comes to carriage services, shop with your eyes, and not with your purse strings.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday weddings and afternoon rides

I admit I have been neglecting our Facebook page. I have failed to upload photos from recent events and I have been driving a lot lately. This has resulted in me not being in a position to take photos which is going to happen again today most likely with our Sunday wedding. No rest for the wicked is what they say.

We have found ourselves becoming busier and busier. Last year's tax returns showed our gross almost doubled from previous years. We have added new horses and new carriages to our fleet. Above pictured is our Carriage Machine Shop aka Bird in Hand Amish made 8 passenger wagonette.

The addition of this carriage is for a new service we will be offering come fall when it cools off a bit. We are going to be offering Sunday after church carriage rides starting here from our farm.The rides will meander down gravel and quiet country roads surrounding us. They will last longer than a typical city hack ride does and will offer something for those of you that are looking to just relax and kick back rather than playing chicken with cars in a busy downtown.

Your welcome to bring along snacks and refreshments to enjoy on the carriage, maybe bring a picnic basket! As you can see it has a top to shade you from the sun. Depending on the response we may be adding additional days and times to the rides. If you would like more information, or want to get on a list to be sent the dates, or make a reservation call me at (501) 232-4102

We are excited about this new service. For our old friends, new friends, and those we have not met yet! We hope to see you soon! :)

Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 year in review, out with the old, in with the new!

The first thing this year found us in New York City with the Carriage Operators of North America convention in February showing our support for the horse drawn carriage industry there. We had an awesome time! 

We got a few really cool photos in Central Park from the seat of a carriage too!


We  had a blast with this little cutie at her birthday party! Dad went all out for the apple of his eye with a petting zoo, bounce house, and of course Cinderella and her carriage pulled by Prince and Pearl! :) 

Cinderella fell in love with a baby Kangaroo 

We serviced many beautiful weddings, All over the state, from Fayetteville, 

to Mountain Home,

 and Eureka Springs to the north, and as far south as

Alexandria, Pine Bluff, Waldron, and everywhere in between.

and always a few events each year where they don't need a horse at all!


and a new great partner in training! we love you Lilly!

We attended birthday Parties from the serene countryside of Bisco to

to city Suburbs everywhere.

Saw amazing sunsets to enjoy

and little Princess's galore! 

The sweltering month of August found us giving our horses a break and driving carriages in the cool of beautiful Cape May, New Jersey for a dear friend.  

As fall approached we were at a small town parade with a Homecoming Queen


and plenty of corporate events

where horses get kisses from cows!

and places where horses get kisses from adorable babies.

and others where the pets and scritches come from the grannies.

Rides for all at Daddy daughter dances!

Lastly many thanks to our sponsors for a few local Christmas time rides too!

From day cares, to nursing homes, weddings galore, and church functions, Many birthdays, corporate events, and anniversaries. We even enjoyed a few country drives. Our deepest thanks to all our customers both new and long standing for making this year the busiest and best yet! We appreciate you!  

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Forever in their debt.

    Prince and Pearl, Duke and Baron, Queen, and Bonnie and Clyde. 

   All seven of our carriage horses are amazing horses. They brave things that would have the average horse badly spooked. We routinely encounter all sorts of crazy things that very few horses would ever tolerate. Heavy traffic, loud motorcycles, and honking cars is the mild stuff. We have had everything from a carriage full of teen girls screaming at the top of their lungs, to mariachi bands, bagpipes, the massive gun fire on New Year's Eve, and even fireworks. Lots more of the typical stuff as well, screaming babies, hyper children, every sort of flapping plastic, and loud event commotion, is all just part of their "norm"  

   Unlike the hack or street carriage horse our special event carriage horses have to perform in a different environment at each job. Someplace they have never seen before and are unfamiliar with. Most people can't fully grasp the level of training much less the immense trust that these horses have in us and us with them to be able to perform under those circumstances, and do it calmly. Good commercial carriage horses have to have a naturally adaptable personality. The reliable ones always do. A large part of their fearlessness is due to the bond they have with their drivers and footmen. It is a mutual bond that is nothing short of divine. 

  This brings me to share with you a little about the human side of the equation. You see, the bond flows both ways. The connection a driver has with his/her horse is equally important. Being flight animals even the best horses can get a little rattled once in awhile and that is where our equine partners trust in his person comes in. A soothing tone of voice, a command given with authority does wonders to let that equine partner know that not only is he being given direction, hes safe because he is not alone. It's hard to describe to the non-horseman, but to those who are, it's as real a thing as the morning sun. Speaking of such things among their peers the horseman simply nods in understanding. 

  So you can probably imagine the deep love and appreciation the horseman/woman has for their horses. We keep each other safe and out of harm's way. We lean on each other for support when things get sideways. The trust that forms between a carriage driver and his/her horse goes far deeper than just affection for a beloved pet. It is a mutual respect like no other. The love and admiration we grow to feel for our horses is immense. Carriage drivers thank God every day for their brave and wonderful horses, and cannot help but to feel forever in their debt.  

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A new year brings new things.

Meet the newest edition to our herd of carriage horses! This is Baron. Baron Von Garriott to be exact, but just Baron for short. Baron is an experienced special events horse. He has a really nice personality and is just a really agreeable kinda boy. We are actively bonding with him now and he is doing very well with everything we have asked of him. As you can imagine as horse lovers we are really excited to start a new journey with our new horse. The excitement around here is palatable.

We have also added a new horse drawn vehicle to our fleet. Powder coated in a glitter gold frame and upholstered in the passengers section in a matching glitter gold seats our new Wagonette will be a big hit for those larger parties where the numbers of people riding are more than can easily be handled with a more traditional carriage. The Royal Wagonette will comfortably hold 12 large size adults and 14-16 people of various sizes. Pulled by one of our teams of horses its a really fun as well as a classy ride! You really have to see it in person to appreciate it. When the sun hits the gold sparkle frame it is really stunning. 

Late last summer we added a new Clydesdale mare to our family. A Registered mare that is 9 years old and has been shown all her life. Now our Clydesdale gelding Clyde has a new girlfriend! and her name? Well...Bonnie of course! We have been working the horses together and they act like they have been team mates all their lives. Clyde only one year younger than her and they are marked remarkably the same for two very flashy horses. Look for them on the job together sometime this year. While there always seems to be something in the works around here thats all the new news for now. :) 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Year in Review - 2014

We started the year early with wedding, engagements, birthday parties, and...

She said yes!

The girls love feeling special with dad at the church sponsored daddy daughter dances. :) 

and of course birthdays are better when you get to feel like a total princess! 

Before the weather got warm we showed our support for our fellow operators during the corporate events we were servicing in early spring. 

More weddings with our different carriages

and a new partnership with our very own Cinderella, Miss Amanda Cross! 

From Conway cuties, to local nursing homes...

Our horses got love and attention from both young and old. :) 

and then those jobs where you try not to cry...

Like, Relay for Life.. 

..and Make a Wish.

More beautiful brides

 we wisk away in the night.

 Custom decorations for a glorious sight

Some weddings for friends

 so much fun

Loved the bright colors Rita! 

We had some interesting themed weddings

Like this one that was East Asian 

Arkansas Angels and the others that always have us back :)

again and again...

and in the middle of it all a brand new horse

 to expand our horses that can work in teams

Princess Bonnie and Count Clyde working together

and of course our Prince and his Pearl

and a project that started in Spring

and did not end until fall

and rainbow Unicorns... 

that can do it all!

 With weddings way north

and others way south 

and Parties for Princesses everywhere in between

with sugar and spice

and everything nice.

Then lots of daycares with Santa

where he





I guess since hes Santa he can do that.

And then after dark we had the rides in Burns Park.

Family Fun

Cozy Couples

Group rides where you meet new friends

The End...