Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hey Horse! did you know you had a turn signal out?

Just kidding, this isn't a case of traffic violation but instead a post about how wonderful the local police are, and how appreciative we are for their help in certain situations. Sometimes a route will have a potentially dangerous spot for a slow moving vehicle. Which is a big part of the reason we pre-drive each and every job in our car first. One of the main objectives for this is to look for any such areas in the route. When we identify one we discuss our concerns with our clients, and offer suggestions on how we can either avoid them, or ways to deal with them safely.

One such often remedy is with the help of local police. We have found them to be more than obliging as long as they are given enough advance notice. Always polite, and very professional the police can and do add a big element of safety when the need arises. As in this photo where this small part of the road includes a hill in combination with a sharp curb where a motorist could be startled to come upon a slow moving vehicle, and have little time to react. The policeman was gracious enough to stay behind the carriage for the short distance the route was compromised making it totally safe for everyone involved.

Our top hats off to the local police, those that have helped us, and those that will. Our thanks to them cannot be expressed enough. Oh...and Earl did you know you had a turn signal out?