Friday, August 14, 2009

A Trip into Narnia without a Wardrobe

Imagine a trip to Narnia right here in Arkansas! That's what it felt like driving through the stone entrance of The Elms Plantation in Altheimer, Ar. Right up until entering the gates the landscape was bean fields and farm ground. Once through those gates it was like stepping into another world. The gorgeous house is on the National Register of historical places, and the grounds are just as old and equally unbelievable. Huge old trees dapple the whole property in a blanket of shade, and the water side swings and landscaping is truly gorgeous making this place feel truly magical. A perfect place for a wedding, and the mystical feel of our Cinderella carriage was just the perfect touch to a perfect day for this enchanted couple.

To learn more about The Elms Plantation look for thier information on the links page of The Princess's Carriage site.