Thursday, August 25, 2016

When the "best" price isn't always the best thing.

We have all heard "you get what you pay for" and all the other similar cliches when it comes to purchasing a good or service. We have all also privately desired to obtain that good or service at the lowest price possible.

This is being a "smart" or "savvy" shopper. Right? Well...not always. You see some business's have very little "wiggle" room and some none at all. Commercial carriage is a good example.

Very few if any that remain in the business for long are doing it because it is highly profitiable. It's just a business where that simply isn't possible. Its a high cost/low return business, and there is no way around that. Its a labor of love not fat bank accounts.

Which is why I caution you against hiring the "cheapest" carriage service in your area. You just can't provide feed, vet, farrier, hay, grooming supplies, dental care, etc for carriage horses and at the same time play cut rate with the prices you charge.

You just can't. See...not too many businesses have employees that are on room/board/meals & full medical 365 days a year for very part time employment. Not only that its usually not just one of those employees its usually two per carriage operated. You know...just in case one is sick, lame, or can't work for whatever reason. 

So...its more of a "THEY get what you pay for" and I mean that quite literally. The horses are the "they"and the price you pay directly affects the quality of the care they get. Its the difference between a company that can afford to call the vet when needed, and one that put's up a Go Fund Me page in hopes that a sympathetic public might pay that bill for them. (usually not) 

Also worth noting is when you look you will notice that the "bargain bin" carriage services are cutting lots of corners. Look at the first photo of a horses obviously wearing tack that does not fit and undoubtably belongs to one of their far larger horses. Or the second photo that clearly depicts that it can be third world bad for the horse belonging to the outfit that is operating on a razors edge. Compare them to the last photo of a proper first class turn out. 

I hope you keep this in mind when you are shopping for a carriage service. If the ones that charge the most seem to look the best there are good reasons behind that. When live animals are part of the equation the cheapest around is never the best choice. Paying a fair market price for an any animal industry endevor insures fair treament of the animals. So please...when it comes to carriage services, shop with your eyes, and not with your purse strings.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday weddings and afternoon rides

I admit I have been neglecting our Facebook page. I have failed to upload photos from recent events and I have been driving a lot lately. This has resulted in me not being in a position to take photos which is going to happen again today most likely with our Sunday wedding. No rest for the wicked is what they say.

We have found ourselves becoming busier and busier. Last year's tax returns showed our gross almost doubled from previous years. We have added new horses and new carriages to our fleet. Above pictured is our Carriage Machine Shop aka Bird in Hand Amish made 8 passenger wagonette.

The addition of this carriage is for a new service we will be offering come fall when it cools off a bit. We are going to be offering Sunday after church carriage rides starting here from our farm.The rides will meander down gravel and quiet country roads surrounding us. They will last longer than a typical city hack ride does and will offer something for those of you that are looking to just relax and kick back rather than playing chicken with cars in a busy downtown.

Your welcome to bring along snacks and refreshments to enjoy on the carriage, maybe bring a picnic basket! As you can see it has a top to shade you from the sun. Depending on the response we may be adding additional days and times to the rides. If you would like more information, or want to get on a list to be sent the dates, or make a reservation call me at (501) 232-4102

We are excited about this new service. For our old friends, new friends, and those we have not met yet! We hope to see you soon! :)

Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 year in review, out with the old, in with the new!

The first thing this year found us in New York City with the Carriage Operators of North America convention in February showing our support for the horse drawn carriage industry there. We had an awesome time! 

We got a few really cool photos in Central Park from the seat of a carriage too!


We  had a blast with this little cutie at her birthday party! Dad went all out for the apple of his eye with a petting zoo, bounce house, and of course Cinderella and her carriage pulled by Prince and Pearl! :) 

Cinderella fell in love with a baby Kangaroo 

We serviced many beautiful weddings, All over the state, from Fayetteville, 

to Mountain Home,

 and Eureka Springs to the north, and as far south as

Alexandria, Pine Bluff, Waldron, and everywhere in between.

and always a few events each year where they don't need a horse at all!


and a new great partner in training! we love you Lilly!

We attended birthday Parties from the serene countryside of Bisco to

to city Suburbs everywhere.

Saw amazing sunsets to enjoy

and little Princess's galore! 

The sweltering month of August found us giving our horses a break and driving carriages in the cool of beautiful Cape May, New Jersey for a dear friend.  

As fall approached we were at a small town parade with a Homecoming Queen


and plenty of corporate events

where horses get kisses from cows!

and places where horses get kisses from adorable babies.

and others where the pets and scritches come from the grannies.

Rides for all at Daddy daughter dances!

Lastly many thanks to our sponsors for a few local Christmas time rides too!

From day cares, to nursing homes, weddings galore, and church functions, Many birthdays, corporate events, and anniversaries. We even enjoyed a few country drives. Our deepest thanks to all our customers both new and long standing for making this year the busiest and best yet! We appreciate you!