Thursday, May 16, 2013

We owe so many thank you's!

This fabulous picture was shared with us from a recent client and her very talented Samantha Daniels of: Along with this picture came a very nice private e-mail about how delighted they were with our services. We have been getting a lot of that lately, especially with the easy access people have to feedback via our own facebook page:

You really have no idea, or maybe you do? of how nice it is to hear back from our customers.While we have amassed a whole page of testimonies to share via our website: we never include anyone's full name for privacy reasons. However that is not an issue we have to concern ourselves with when folks post for themselves via our Facebook page.

Recently there was very much appreciated sincere gratitude expressed to me personally by the organizer of our last big job in Mountain Home for the daddy daughter dance at the University. Believe me passing those compliments along went a long way towards putting some joy in our crew's tired and worn out souls. Getting our picture on the front page of the local paper was nice too!

With our customers interacting more and more with us, via social media, and otherwise, we are hearing more often than ever how pleased our customers really are. Not to mention the picture sharing gives us a real glimpse of how we look through someone else's camera lens as well. i.e. we were tickled to see just how well we matched this brides carriage decorations to her bouquet! and we did it all without any swatches!

So dear customer... please keep it up! you give us new drive and dedication with each pat on the back. It means the world to us to hear back from you. It brings smiles big enough to light up rooms. Do know we feel we owe YOU so many, many, thank you's!