Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Prince and his Pearl

Meet Prince ( on the left) and Pearl ( on the right) our two newest additions to our small herd of seven carriage horses. We now have Prince and Pearl, Duke and Earl, Duchess and Queen, and of course Clyde the Clydesdale.

Prince and Pearl have been together for many years and are now 12-13 years old respectivly. Half siblings they get along like two peas in a pod. They are what is known in the driving world as a "team" of horses. Having a team as opposed to a single horse literally doubles your "horsepower"

We bought Prince and Pearl because at times we needed that extra horsepower. At times for humane reasons we would turn away a job because of a hill, or the need of a larger vehicle that holds more people than one horse should rightfully pull. With them we can now expand our services. Both horses pull equally well as single horses so they are usuable in any way that might arise.

Both horses are highly experienced carriage horses, and a great addition to our program. Perfectly matched in size, color, and stride they are truly a treat to watch working together. Not only does one marvel at how matched they are, one cant help but notice how well they get along and are bonded to one another. It is one of natures mysteries that only animals that have been together for years exhibit so strongly. I hope some of you get the chance to see Prince and his Pearl working together.