Friday, July 8, 2011

A different kind of formal look

Queens first wedding

Meet Queen a young mare we have had here at our farm in training for the last year. This photo was taken in Quitman, Ar. at her first official special event for “The Princess’s Carriage” our horse drawn carriage service.  As you can see it was a wedding. The couple requested our rare Disney Princess carriage. We decorated it in a pale blue that matched the couple’s new home as well as their wedding colors. The event was held in their back yard in a gorgeous neighborhood full of spectacular homes sitting on large lots full of mature trees.

Queen could not have performed more perfectly. She was completely calm and collected. There was even a tent with well over a dozen tables covered with billowing table cloths from the high winds we were experiencing that day. That type thing can unsettle many a good horse, but she was completely unflappable about all that flapping. lol! Queen has a wonderful work ethic, has proven to have nerves of steel ( for a horse anyway), as well as listens and behaves to the highest degree .

We are very thrilled to have Queen now working as an addition to our company. While she is obviously not a white horse ( our specialty) as you can see her shiny black color adds a different kind of very formal look hitched to a white carriage. We acquired her  knowing that we needed a horse we could use as a back up plan in the winter months when occasionally it is just too cold to give a white horse the required shampoo bath to be presentable. We could not be happier with this nice young mare and look forward to many more years of a great partnership with her.