Saturday, January 4, 2014

Thanks to the 2013 crew! We couldn't do it without you! Love you all!

Hannah                                                                   Ron, Shelby & Kylann





 Cody Lynn and Ron

Shelby and Cody Lynn                      


Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 - The year in review

 Nobody could ever forget the smiling faces of the sweethearts in the Arkansas Angels Pageant^^^

Or the beautiful sunsets^^^

and breathtaking scenery^^^

and gorgeous places we serviced!

like here...

and here...

Of course the many beautiful brides!

like her...^^^

and her...^^^

and her...^^^

and her...^^^

and her...^^^

and her^^^
*and the many others I was not lucky enough to get a picture of*

What about those birthday parties! 

Like hers...^^^

and hers...^^^

and hers...^^^

and hers...^^^

and hers^^^

and to the all ones I did not get pictures of because I was driving  :( 

Even a Few Corporate Events


and clear to Mountain Home with three carriages!^^^

From Day Cares to Assisted Living Homes

In Conway^^^

and Greenbrier^^^

and Searcy^^^

and Little Rock

and Cabot ^^^

and then back to Little Rock^^^

Then the rides through the lights at Burns Park

That got COLD!!!^^^