Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Is it ever going to stop raining in Arkansas this spring? By now most of us here in the "natural state" are tired of all the "natural" weather. This photo was taken with blurry rain drop covered lens last Saturday at a wedding we were a part of.

Not only was it wet, it was cold, and after standing in it for several hours waiting for the wedding to start we were pretty well drenched everywhere our ponchos didn't cover. The hats we switch to in order to keep from ruining a top hat in rainy weather are made of wool and fend off the wet for a lot longer than one would imagine, but even they can only hold so much rain.

However.... we are proud to boast that our bride and groom were dry and cozy inside our antique Victoria. Between the clam shell top, waterproof lap robe, and a little planning to pick up from under an overhang they were as snug as bugs in a rug even with the constant downpour.
Today we have a two jobs in two separate towns and its predicted to start raining again about the time the first job starts and continue throughout the evening for the entirety of the second event. Its going to be another soggy one for us. This time we are hauling the Cinderella with its full rain cover installed to keep our prom goers dry. We will switch crews so that each event has a dry driver and footman. At least to start out with.

Not to sound like we are complaining ( ok..ok... a little bit) One of these days the weather will be splendid, if for no other reason than the law of averages at some point this has to subside. Until then, we will be singing to ourselves "rain, rain, go away" I think at this point we will even skip the "come again another day" part.


  1. I couldn't remember for sure when the last rain was here in Rio Rancho, but Stacy said it was sometime in mid April.

  2. No wonder Stacy was so delighted to play in the rain when we were all downtown Little Rock. Me... Im thinking shes crazy, but she was like a kid in a candy shop.

    While rain isnt the most pleasant thing for a carriage driver (since the tops dont cover us) it is literally a blessing from above breathing life into everything around us.

    When you love the woods full of trees and green everywhere you cant give up rain as part of the deal. Personally I wouldnt trade my lush grasslands and forests of Arkansas for the desert rain or no rain.