Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Eyes have it

Unfortunately PETA ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) harass the horse drawn carriage industry on a regular basis. Especially in large cities like New York where they go so far as to harass the drivers at the carriage stands.

Now to understand this one needs to keep in mind their true agenda. You see they do not want people to eat meat, use leather, or own animals at all. They also have a dream of seeing the day when your pet could be represented by  one of their lawyer's and sue you the owner for violating the animals "rights" which are determined of course by them.

Now one of the things the anti-carriage horse clan loves to spout off about is the "sad" eyes on the carriage horses, and the use of blinders which are a useful and traditional piece of harness that has been around for many centuries. Along with a whole host of other uneducated, unfounded, and sensationally untrue claims in an effort to dupe the general public into supporting their causes.

At any rate I posted this very close up picture of my horse Duke's eye at the last wedding we were at just this last Friday evening. I don't know about you, but what I see showing in my horses eye is brightness, intelligence, and positively twinkling with life (blinders and all!) Which by the way don't "blind" anything, but direct his nearly 360 degree vision forward. This helps keep a driving horse from being distracted from the side and helps keep his field of vision forward more like ours. Notice I said "helps". If he wants to see something at his side he simply has to turn his head.

Anyway...tell me what you see. I am welcome to comments. Like they say, "Opinions... everybody has one".  So...what say you?

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  1. I see a calm wisdom rarely seen in humans. I see a fully mature being in its own right, with the ability to willingly choose to partner up with you in a secure and synchronous relationship. I see him trusting you and regarding you calmly while you obscure your face with something possibly unfamiliar to him that looks like a big eye and get in close for a photo. Anyone who knows horses will know how meaningful that is.
    Candace Ware