Friday, October 28, 2011

Relax...we really have thought of everything.

I'm surprised at how often we are asked "what happens if the horse uses the rest room?" Well...first of all if the horse actually used a rest room there wouldn't be a question like that to ask in the first place. Right? lol. I do know what they mean though, and exactly what customers are trying to ask in a polite way.

So..I decided to offer up the trade secret here in this photo which shows the solution to the, ahem...problem.  All our horses wear diaper bags, bun bags, manure catchers, or even souvenir bags as some call them. Ewe! At any rate its a piece of harness that either attaches to the horses harness or another style that attaches to the carriage's shafts. Either way it catches any "accidents" that might happen.

It lays flat and is hardly noticeable at all. Like the hoof boots if you don't even know any of it is there if you are not looking. So...did you notice the hoof boots in this photo or did your eye just say that was the horses black hooves? Some people will see them, but most wont pay any attention at all. The bun bag is even less visible from a side view, so I took this photo from the back so you could see it.

Long story short when we come to your event you never have to worry about the fact that a live animal is involved. You wont see any "evidence" while we are there or after we are gone. Just relax and enjoy your special day. We really have thought of everything!

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