Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fall Outdoor Wedding at Lake

Last Fall in November we had the pleasure of doing a grand entrance and exit for a bride in a beautiful state park here in Arkansas. The day was spectacular, the fall foliiage in full swing, and the most gorgeous backdrop of mountains, lake, and the clear Arkansas sky glowing a perfect blue.

While the wedding was quite simple with the couple exchanging their vows on a rocky flat area in front of the lake, a trellis, and teak torches flaming, were the only human touches to the scene, for the rest, mother nature provided the most gorgeous backdrop imaginable that only a place as beautiful as Arkansas can provide.

A tear was brought to our eyes as the young daughter of the bride of no more than five years old asked " "Can I call him Daddy now?" as the princess's carriage and horse took the mother, child, new husband ( and daddy) off for their bit of quiet time before the reception.

God was truely smiling down on this young couple that day.

I was able to snap a few photos with my inexpensive camera which some of which are shared in the wedding photos in the gallery section of the princess's carriage website.

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