Sunday, November 30, 2008

Of Kings and Queens

When a local Arkansas senior citizens retirement home hired The Princess's Carriage to be a part of their royal festivities we jumped at the chance. The staff was amazing and had put together a real afternoon of fantasy for all. Besides carriage rides for over a hundred fully costumed residents, the foyer was adorned with a castle, and the dining room decorated in a medieval theme.

Groups of six at a time boarded our Cinderella for a 10 minute ride that took them around the building where the back drop was a beautiful town park.They were very organized and everyone got to ride. Even residents in wheelchairs and on walkers were helped into the carriage so as not to be left out. Our Cinderella carriage offered the perfect touch to the day’s theme, as well as easy entry as it sits only six inches off the ground. It was a windy day so we had attached the sides of the rain cover for a wind break which you can see in the picture if you look closely.

Besides the fun everyone had riding in The Princess's Carriage the most amazing thing was the number of people that spoke of remembering when a horse and carriage was how folks actually got from one place to another here in Arkansas.


  1. I live in Arkansas and would like to know more about this, as next year is our 10th wedding anniversary.

  2. Paul, First I need to know your 2009 date so I can check my bookings to see if its open. Then we can discuss any, and all actual details.

    We do travel state wide, and can either suggest a nice place for dinner and a carriage ride, or come to a place of your chosing.

    If you click on this blog at the top where you see the "see us on the web at" that will take you directly to our website which may answer most of your questions.

    If not feel free to get back with me. We would be delighted to be a part of your 10 year anniversary.
    Sincerely, Karen Garriott