Tuesday, April 26, 2011

“ Feed your horse!” umm….I DO lady!

Quienceanera 013

As anyone who follows us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Princesss-Carriage-Arkansas-Finest-Horse-Drawn-Carriage-Service/110479649001672  already knows we were subjected to this verbal accusation last Saturday night in Downtown Little Rock by a woman who decided to yell out “feed your horse” from across the street in an effort to humiliate us.  In her defense there have been some sorry looking horses around town and had her outburst been towards one of their owners it would have been well founded.

However….such was not true in this case, and I would like to set the record straight for us here at “The Princess’s Carriage” with a link to an online picture album of every single horse on our farm and that was taken today 4/26/2011 (after heavy, heavy, rain and tornados) last night causing the mud you see in the photos. In case you are not well versed in horse living conditions I assure you mud is not harmful to horses and is a natural part of their normal living environment after storms and spring weather. The other thing you may notice is that my horses coats are not yet shining due to still shedding off the dead winter hair coat. Id be happy to provide older photos of their shining summer coats if anyone would like to see them. Id be happy to e-mail you some. Just send an inquiry to:  karen@princesscarriage.com

Our horses live with us here on our farm and are part of our family. I assure you there is absolutely no abuse or neglect going on. Nor a single hungry horse on the place. In the 41 years I have been a horse owner I have never once been accused of not providing my horses with the best of care. I come from a background of horse ownership that demands my horse’s look far better than the average. Showing horses, judging shows, saddle club president, and long standing horse and carriage service operator my horses have always been in the ribbons as well as the public’s eye.  They have to not just look good, but awesome. There is only one way to accomplish that and that is through exemplary care.

Unfortunately, not every single carriage service adheres to the same standards I do, and a very few outfits do give ammunition to radical groups like PETA that often assault the horse and carriage industry as one of their favorite targets. PETA’s attacks towards the industry as a whole are as unfair and unfounded as this woman’s verbal attack towards us  was.  So….here I offer the open invitation to view my horses online as they were today here on the farm, https://picasaweb.google.com/hrslady59/FeedYourHorse?authkey=Gv1sRgCOzg9Zbig9jZ4gE# Personally come see them anytime, feel free to ask questions, see our carriages, and educate yourself about our operation.

Lastly, If you have actually seen something that makes you concerned about who you take a carriage ride with, well…….make sure you ride with us! Really its just that simple.

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