Saturday, April 30, 2011

A great cause

Friday night found us at the Clinton Library surprised by the number of festivities going on there with the Walk for Life relay for cancer.  These fine ladies in the picture decided to take a ride on our carriage shortly after unloading. After the ride the gal on the left explains to us that she herself is a cancer survivor.  I started over to a booth to break a twenty for her change when she tells me to just donate it to the cause instead.

Wow! what a good idea! It feels really good to donate to such a great cause, so we decided to donate a quarter of our proceeds towards the cure off of each and every ride we gave!  We found a booth willing to take the money and the great gals running it even supplied a Gatorade to my too busy to stop and get something to drink carriage driver.  A great time with a great group to help out with a great cause. I hope we can be a part of their fund raisers again!

Downtown LR end of april 027

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