Tuesday, February 7, 2012

All our pretty horses

This is a picture of Duchess and Queen two of The Princess's Carriage horses you don't see on the website on our "Our Horses" page which only features Duke, Earl, and Traveler. As it is I have been lazy about getting the rest of our horses added to the site. I know, I know, my bad.

So... I thought for the time being I would mention them all here. Pictured here is Duchess ( the dapple grey) and Queen her pasture mate ( the black) Both are wonderful driving horses, and both are young at 5 yrs old. Not pictured are Clyde our Clydesdale who looks like one of the Budweiser horses except for not having a docked tail. I do not use docked tailed horses as they are prone to suffer without one with the bugs we have in Arkansas.Since our horses all have a lot of free time in the pasture that can be an issue for them. 

Also not pictured or mentioned yet on our site are our two newest additions Prince and Pearl. Both white Percheron's and a long standing team that also work single and ride as do all of our horses. These two are very solid, been there/done that horses and we will be using them frequently as soon as we are adjusted to them. They also have a new set of fancy spotted team harness coming in a few weeks.

 All in all there actually are seven Princess Carriage horses, and a few of them are not even white! I do hope to have all of them added to the "our horses" page of our site soon. What I need first is for them to shed some of this winter hair so I can get their best "sides" 

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