Thursday, February 16, 2012

Carriage Rental in Arkansas- part 2

The difference between one carriage service and the next is all about the extras! and being able to work with someone who is willing to go that extra mile. i.e. Sometimes I get asked to take pictures during our carriage service. A good example is during a prom where mom and dad want lots of pictures but the prom goers are busy enjoying the ride. Another example is a child's birthday party where the adults are very busy themselves. While I am not a professional photographer, when I get asked to take pictures I usually get some really neat shots regardless.

This year in the spirit of going that extra mile I have upgraded my camera equipment. From an inexpensive point and shoot to one step below what the pro's use with a Cannon Digital DSLR costing me several thousand dollars. The crispness of the photos, the things the camera can do, will make pictures this year the best we have ever taken.

Along with custom floral's added to the carriage always included, to special surprises for birthday girls, we have now layered in yet another perk with higher quality photos available upon request! Want something special? just ask!


  1. I came to this page from the Yahoo drafthorse group. It sounds like you really love your horses and love what you do. They are all so lucky to have a job with someone who is passionate about them. I wish I lived even a little bit closer so I could come and see you and your horses. MaryAnn. Busby,Alberta.Canada.

  2. Thank you Mary Ann, and yes we do love our horses. I have been a horse owner since age 10 and still own them now at 52. I either really love horses, or I am a hopeless horse addict! lol. The carriage service has always been for the horses. It allows us to provide and care for them at a very high level. "I" have no other motive, and think any business venture that includes animals is far better off with that as their goal. If you ever get down this way I would be thrilled to give you a farm tour to meet us, and the horses.